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Green and White Christmas Living Room Decor Ideas

Create a cozy and relaxing holiday home with these simple Christmas living room decor ideas. This green and white Christmas living room tour will help to inspire you for the season!

2022 Holiday Housewalk

Are you ready to start decking your halls? If you’re looking for some unique Christmas decor inspiration, you’re going to love Jennifer Rizzo’s Holiday Housewalk!  There are 20 gorgeous homes on the tour this year, each with their own unique style and design.

Cozy living room decorated for Christmas with white and green,

If you’d like to start the housewalk from the beginning, grab a mug of hot cocoa and start over at Jennifer Rizzo. I know you’ll love her beautiful artistic and creative touches!

Jennifer Rizzo Holiday Housewalk 2022

For those of you coming over from Zevy Joy– welcome! I’m so glad you could drop by. I hope you’ve been enjoying all of the tours and Annie’s beautiful home.

Zevy Joy Holiday Housewalk.

Living Room Christmas Decor Ideas

Today, I’m thrilled to invite you into our home to share some Christmas living room decor ideas with you! I absolutely LOVE decorating for Christmas, and aways have fun switching up our decor each year. While there are never any hard and fast rules when it comes to Christmas decorating, I thought I would share some of my favorite ways to create a cozy and relaxing holiday living room.

Cozy living room decorated for Christmas with white and green,

Choose a color scheme.

Having a color scheme helps to give you a starting place for your holiday decor. This year, I decided to go with greens and whites and I love the cozy, relaxed vibe.  I also added some metallic tones and champagne ribbon for some extra warmth.

Living room decorated for Christmas with green and white.

Living room decorated for Christmas with green and white.

Add cozy textures.

Layer on blankets and pillows in coordinating colors to create a cozy and relaxing space. Place extra blankets into a basket,  drape them on a blanket ladder, or toss them over a chair or sofa.

Blanket ladder in a green and white Christmas living room.

Our new little kitten, Leo, enjoys the blankets too!

Black cat sleeping on a sofa in a Christmas living room.

Dress up the tree.

Decorating the tree is always one of my favorite things to do! We actually have three trees in our home {we have another one in the bedroom and dining room that I’ll be showing you soon!} and I like to switch around the ornaments each year. I decorate quite early in the season, so I start off with the decorating and then we add our family decorations together as it gets closer to Christmas.

Living room decorated for Christmas with green and white.

Usually I weave in wired ribbon on the tree, but this year I used this champagne colored satin ribbon and just tied it directly to the brnaches.. I really like the draping look of the ribbon – especially when the lights are on.

Living room decorated for Christmas with green and white.

Bring in a little glam.

Add some sparkle with metallics, mercury glass, amber glass or other pretty items. I have been wanting to get some vintage brass bells for years now and can never seem to find them. These ones from Amazon are so pretty and reasonably priced.

I’ve also had these vintage style reindeer stocking hangers for years and they are one of my favorite Christmas pieces.

Adding ornaments to bowls or baskets is another easy way to bring in the glam. Add a few sprigs of greenery and some lights for an extra pretty touch.

Create a focal point with your mantel.

Living room decorated for Christmas with green and white.

Living room decorated for Christmas with green and white.


Create a Christmas Treat Cart.

For the past couple of years, I’ve put together a little Christmas treat/hot chocolate cart. It holds all of our favorite Christmas favorites and is perfect for Christmas movie nights.  It has everything we need for making chocolate and holds Christmas cookies, chocolates and other treats. Bonus, that it can be rolled wherever we need it!

Hot chocolate bar cart decorated with green and white.

Add a touch of whimsy.

It’s always fun to add a touch of whimsy and nostalgia to your seasonal decor.  I have a little collection of Christmas mice that I have displayed throughout the house.

Christmas vignette with mouse.

I also love this cute little reindeer that hangs out with the presents under the tree.

Christmas tree decorated with presents wrapped in green and white.

Light it up.

Of course, the best part of any Christmas decor is the lights! I won’t say how long it took me to redo the lights on our tree this year, but I do think it was worth it in the end! I string our lights up and down each branch instead of just wrapping them around the tree and it creates such a pretty glow with lots of depth.

Living room decorated for Christmas with green and white.

If only I could capture how pretty it is on camera – it just never looks the same as it does in real life. lol!

Living room decorated for Christmas with green and white.

Living room decorated for Christmas with green and white

Well that wraps up our Christmas living room tour! I still have a lot more Christmas inspiration to share with you though so I hope you check back next week for the rest of the Christmas room tours. I still have our dining room…

Christmas centerpiece with amber glass bottles and greenery.


Kitchen tray decorated for Christmas.

….and bedroom to show you.

Bedroom decorated for Christmas with green and white.

Thank-you again for dropping by! I hope you were able to get some Christmas inspiration for your own home. If you’e new around here, I’d love to stay in touch! You can subscribe to my email over on the sidebar to be notified of new posts or you can always find me here…


Before you go, don’t forget to visit the last house on the tour – Kindred Vintage! I’m sure you’ll absolutely love Susan’s beautiful Victorian farmhouse.

Kindred Vintage Holiday Housewalk.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and hope you’re able to take some time this holiday season to relax and enjoy.

Living room decorated for Christmas with green and white.

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Christmas display in a red and white Christmas kitchen.



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