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295: Getting Started is NOT a Team Effort Podcast

Hi Dana, I was wondering if this summer you might want to make a video for kids or moms, just about kids bedrooms. Since I’ve been decluttering, my daughter (who is 8) asks me for help decluttering & organizing her room. She hears me listening to your podcast and she watched Cass’s Hot Mess House with me and loved it. Then she took her little camera to her barbie dream house and made her own episode, helping the barbies clean one room at a time 🙂 Anyway, it’s tricky with toys, stuffed animals, crafts, clothes storage (hand me downs she hasn’t grown into yet), and all these special things she’s made or been given (water globes, jewelry boxes, painted ceramics, trophies) that she wants to display, and a bed mounded in blankets, cute pillows and stuffties. We’ve pared down quite a bit, but she still struggles to keep it clean of course. And new stuff keeps coming in constantly it seems. Anyway, just an idea since you said you’ll be youtubing all summer. I know she’d love it. She asked to find a video about how to clean kids rooms but none of them teach how, they’re all just sped up videos where you watch someone clean. I’ll have to get your book on teaching kids to clean. Thanks!


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