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181: No Right (Or Wrong) Way to Declutter Podcast

Podcast 181 No Right (Or Wrong) Way to Declutter at


There’s no right or wrong way to declutter. As long as you get stuff out, you’re winning.

That’s what I’m talking about today, specifically how strategies to deal with roadblocks are necessary, even though they aren’t necessarily the all-the-time strategies I use.

Sorry for the late release! My internet was completely down so I couldn’t get it uploaded. That isn’t the only tech problem, as you’ll hear. I finally gave in and ordered another microphone, so next week’s podcast should sound better. It’s so frustrating to not remember the super-logical-I’m-sure place where I stuck my microphone to keep it safe over the summer break and during remodeling. Ugh.

Thank you to this episode’s sponsors!

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Things Mentioned in this Episode:

My books

How to Declutter Without Making a Bigger Mess

Container Concept

Decluttering Strategy: Use It (Up)


Podcast 181 No Right (Or Wrong) Way to Declutter at pin



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